Mr. Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Integrasco AS, visited MILab

Lawrence is the CEO of Integrasco AS, an early stage VC funded company and a market leader in Social Intelligence, Analytics, and Technology with offices in London, Oslo, Grimstad and Chengdu.


He is the Chairman of NEF Asset Management AS, a fund manager specializing in commodities and the Nordic power market.


He is the Principal of Capstone AS, a company providing advisory and transaction services to global clients.


Lawrence has an MBA, is married, and when not entertaining his daughter, enjoys skiing and golf.


Specialties: Investment and Asset Management, Market & Product Strategy, Performance Management, Financial Management, Governance & Compliance

Integrasco is a social media insights and analysis house, providing the tools and services that corporations, PR-agencies, and government regulators need to build a successful brand and reinforce credibility among consumers across social media platforms.