Professor Yi Zhang

Our Members

Bochuan Zheng

Wei Han

Yingke Chen

DeMing Qiao

Yan Wu

Xinwei Qin

Daichao Li

Zexi Feng

Xiaoqi Yan

Maoyang Xu

Our Motto
We believe we can make it!

Welcome to visit CV Group!

The Computer Vision Group(CVGroup) was founded in September 2007 by Professor Zhang Yi. The group is mainly involved in the modeling and animation of Three-Dimensional(3D) human face. The aim of the group is reconstructing 3D human face model from really human face, and then driving the model to perform expression according to input information, including instruction, voice, music and so on. We hope our 3D human face model become leading actor in such areas as virtual 3D game, real-time network communications, virtual compere, virtual teacher and 3D cartoon.

Research At CVGroup:

VRGroup's research includes constructing 3D human face model from really human face picture ,making 3D human face model deform and perform expression, driving 3D human face model perform expression based input information. We are developing a system named VFace now. The following is some our new research results.


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