New Start

When fate gives me a chance to join in Machine Intelligence Laboratory(MIL) ,I discovered my life faces to a new start. MIL instructs me a strict working attitude, inspiration of innovation and research passion.

About Me

Xue Chen,my Chinese name, which means

that white snow is flying in the morning.

I'm a MS student of Computer Science

in Sichuan University(2008).

I'm a member of Machine Learning Group.


Contact Me

E-mail: kysnow@126.com

Mobile: 13730894191

QQ: 290248997

Address: College of Computer Science .24# South Section 1 .Yihuan Road .Chengdu, P. R. China

I love travel. My footprint reached more than 12 cities. I appreciated pine tree of Huangshan,the rain in Xihu and seaside beach. If you want to find happiness of life, you should find it in details.

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