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So I am Zhentao Gao, a master student in this lab(MIL), just coming in (Sep. 2012), there are still many things to learn about this lab, but as our motto goes ' My Lab, My Home' I am already in this big family, everybody here treats me like a little brother, they helped me a lot in many aspects, help and be helped, I would like to give a hand whenever & wherever it's necessary.

From the very begining, I am interested in Intelligence, I like smart people and I want to work with really smart guys. Intelligence is one of the most beautiful things God creates, I'd like to explore the mystery hiding behind our world, to unveil the basic structure of intelligence.

Here in this lab our topic is basically machine intelligence and our research is generally carried out in the area of Neural Networks, so that's where most of my work lies, also I am interested in other topics that AI covers.

I am very lucky to have Prof. Yi Zhang as my supervisor, one who has done a lot of great jobs and is well admired in this area, to stand on the shoulder of the gaint I got still a long way to go, though a lot of challenges are waiting for me and starting from minus one rather than zero here, I will try my best to make a difference.

Find me in Machine Intelligence Laboratory Or contact me at yarwho@yahoo.cn

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