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Hu Yang

     A person with great passion for computer science. Enjoy optimism,

responsibility,honesty and good relationship. Love programming.From 2006-

present, BS ,Dept. of Computer Science Technology , Academy of Computer

, Sichuan University.Now I am in machinelab and do some research about

computer vision, and I will do my best on it!









     The aim of the computer vision group is reconstructing 3D human face model from really human face,

and then driving themodel to perform expression according to input information, including instruction, voice,

music and so on. And I am doing something about eyes of 3D human face.








2008.12 Second-class Scholarship of Sichuan University

2008.12 Outstanding student leaders of Sichuan University

2008.10 Second Prize of Simulation of robot soccer competition

2008.4 Outstanding student of Party

2007.12 Second-class Scholarship of Sichuan University

2007.12 Outstanding student leaders of Sichuan University









Basketball: I like playing basketball although I play very poor!

Football: I also like football. The fact is that I play live football but real football.

Reading books: I do enjoy reading books such as poem and history.

Movieˇ˘Music: I think some American movies are fantastic.

Computer Games: I like playing computer games as everyone else!







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Phone: 13558628075

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