Katia Nepom

Machine Intelligence Labratory Internship Student 

Contact Me:

email: katia.nepom@gmail.com

qq: 2489447222

phone: 13258373783



My full name is Ekaterina Nepomnyashchaya, but to make it easier for everybody I go by Katia. I was born in Moscow, Russia but moved to the US with my family when I was ten years old. First, we lived near San Francisco in California, but after two years we moved to the Seattle area in Washington.


I am currently a third year student at University of Washington. Though my main focus is Computer Science, I am also studying math and a little bit of psychology. Some of my favorite classes so far have been algorithms and theory, and I am really excited to take more advanced courses such as graphics, machine learning, and discrete math.

Work Experience

I have done summer internships at Facebook, Bing, Microsoft Office, and the Microsoft PEX research project.


Travelling: I love exploring new places, and am really excited to go travelling in Sichuan.

Dancing: I did competetive ballroom dancing in high school, and I still love to go out and dance.

Sports: Though I am not very good, I still really enjoy playing badminton, ping pong, tennis, and frisbee.