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hello,welcome to my page!

      My name is DaiChao Li,twenty-two years old. I am a newer in this lab. Lot of thing I found in the past several month is novel and interesting,and I will try my best to do. Now I am working in the Virtual Reality Team and my tutor is professor Pingan Wang who is a professor in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


      2003.7-2007.4    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China     B.C

      2008.9-now       University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


      Tel: 15828220617

      Email: shidaixiake@21cn.com

     In fact, My history is not very excellent, no reward, no certificate, and a really common student. But commonness is just my drive power. I always believe that, Today's hard work can cover your yesterday with tomorrow's excellence.



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