Luo Chuan

Undergraduate student


Department of Computer Science & Technology, Sichuan University, China



Brief Biography:

         Currently I am a third year undergraduate student of Computer Science at Sichuan University.

         I am very interested in the field of artificial intelligence. Now I am honored to join the MachineILab, which is led by professor Zhang Yi.

         I try my best to learn more in the field of AI and now I am working on the application of feature binding.


        Office:   320, Fundimentals Teaching Building B, Wangjiang Campus of Sichuan University



        Mail:      Luo Chuan, Department of Computer Science & Technology,
                         Sichuan University, Jiangan campus, Mailbox 316,
                         Chengdu, Shuangliu, 610207, China


Honor & Awards:

        2008:   National Scholarship

        2008:   Outstanding student of Sichuan University

        2007:   National Scholarship

        2007:   The Third Prize of the 6th Programming Contest of Sichuan University

Other information:

Selected Course Taken: