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Hello, I am Jishan Peng. I am a senior of software engineering. From Septemble 2006 until now, I have been studying in School of Software engineering at SIchuan University. In the past three academic years, with extensive interests and enormous hard work, I have proved myself to be a straight A student, awarded a succession of scholarships. My strong interest in computer science motivated me to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. So I join in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory for further study. I believe that success is won by three things: first, effort; second, more effort; third, still more effort.

" Why should work be such a significant source of human satisfaction? A good share of the answer rests is the kind of pride that is stimulated by the job, by the activity of accomplishing."

——Leonard R. Sayles,British writer


SIchuan University: http://www.scu.edu.cn/

Software engineering college: http://sw.scu.edu.cn/new_sw/