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Welcome to Qiu Xiangsong's Homepage

My name is Qiuxiangsong.

I am coming from Chongqing,in china.

Now,I am a junior student at College of Computer.

My Experience

Hello,I am Xiangsong Qiu,or you can call me,Qiu qiu. I am born in Chong Qing,China. When I was a child , I would dream as a Soft Engineer one day!

"My life is easygoing and happy" I think.When I was seven-year-old, I had not consider my study and living as well in my mind there was the only palying I shoud do. These day is very precious and never forgot. When I graduated from my mid-school, I knew that the study was my working and the only one I could do. I do be a naughty boy. Remembering, I ever made some jokes with my math teacher,as I yell with a wrong math problem to him and did not respect him at fornt of all classmates,or sometime I deceived him with saying some teacher asking him to some where it was not true. But,now I know that is wrong and I think those days with my teacher toleration for me. These memory is my best wealth on my childhood.

The day is flowing, the life is forward to tomorrow. When I was a good boy in school at my age 17th as a highschool student.I found my life filling interest activity. For instance, We enable our bored study to become some activity with eating, playing, sleeping and even learning. Sone people together will creat a good mood everyday. Three years,I know, maybe, my future is where. I successful through out the University Entrance Exam to my ideal university .

So soon is time that I have been the end of another three-year.Now,I am still a junnior of Computing college in Si Chuan University. But, my knowledge level is rising and some question with our lives is considered. I know where my way goes . I am a Engnieer of computer. I like this science and willing dedicate my life in this field.

"Life was like a box of chocolate,you never know what you would get from".So, we should do is enjoying every day with your a good mood.

My Study

Learning Computer two years,from the start without knowing what the competing is to now,I find some interest in this subject. As a Internship Student ofMachine Intelligence Laboratory with the research interests including Machine Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Fusion, Computer Vision, and other related areas, I feel very proud and have a chance to realize what I am interst in.

I like the Machine Intelligence and Neural Networks.The two tides is very hot and useful in our society. Above all, I like it and I want to know more about it. Recently,I learn some related filed and some basic knowledge with this curriculum. My development is becoming a first class computeing master. I charge in the way with my ideal.

My life

Enjoyable Sleeping is perfect and the morning is new. I like challenge as well as the bird fly in the sky.Studying, studying and studying, the successful day will come, the beautiful day will come back. My the only way and the best thing is study.I am a machine with learning.Go,go,go...

The funny movie

It is a joke about Journey to the West's story.

My photos

There are some happy time recorded in my heart.

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