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I'm a girl always with a happy smile,as you can see from my pictures. Everyday life is so beautiful and fantastic to me. Curiosity and desire for the unknow all along accompanies me.

The computer world is full of novelty and exploration, which drives me to constantly work hard passionately. Research in no way means difficulty to me. Rather, it promises opportunity and progress. I believe that as long as I devote myself, I can finally succeed.


  Zhao Chen, majoring in Software engineering, is a junior student both in Wuyuzhang Honors College and School of Software Engineering in Sichuan University. Interested in gesture recognition, she's now working in the lab as an internship student, on the development of an application system associated with dactylology translation technology.

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Email: yushuo718@126.com

MSN: yushuo829@hotmail.com

QQ: 934935868

Address: 312 Mailbox, Jiang'an Campus of Sichuan University, Shuangliu,                   Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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